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She Had It Coming thumbnail
She Had It Coming eAudiobook
Carys Jones / Geri Allen

When Pippa's best friend goes missing on a school run no one thinks twice. Heather is pretty popular..

The Golden Oldies' Book Club thumbnail
The Golden Oldies' Book Club eAudiobook
Judy Leigh / Phyllida Nash

Deep in the Somerset countryside the Combe Pomeroy village library hosts a monthly book club._x000D_..

He Loves Me He Loves Me Not thumbnail
He Loves Me He Loves Me Not eAudiobook
Aimee Brown / Patrick Boylan Stephanie Cannon

Dax Hartley has made flowers his entire life just like his late father did._x000D_When his dad's old..

Make Me thumbnail
Make Me eAudiobook
Lee Child / Jeff Harding Available 6th February 2023

Jack Reacher has no place to go and all the time in the world to get there so a remote railroad stop..

A Harvest Murder thumbnail
A Harvest Murder eAudiobook
Frances Evesham / Charlotte Strevens Available 6th February 2023

In Lower Hembrow an idyllic village nestled beneath Ham Hill in Somerset the villagers are preparing..

Apple of My Eye thumbnail
Apple of My Eye eAudiobook
Claire Allan / Zoe Rainey Caroline Lennon Annie Farr

Just how far is a mother willing to go?When a mysterious note arrives for six months pregnant Dr Eli..

First Born thumbnail
First Born eAudiobook
Will Dean / Susie Riddell Available 6th February 2023

Molly lives a quiet contained life in London. Naturally risk averse she gains comfort from security ..

And So It Begins thumbnail
And So It Begins eAudiobook
Rachel Abbott / Olivia Vinall Available 6th February 2023

Cleo knows she should be happy for her brother Mark. He's found someone new after the sudden death o..

Blood Pact thumbnail
Blood Pact eAudiobook
Heather Atkinson / Angus King Available 6th February 2023

After the defeat of the rival Gordon and Thompson families the Blood Brothers' reputations as feared..

Killing Time thumbnail
Killing Time eAudiobook
Stephen Leather / Paul Thornley Available 6th February 2023

Serial killers never retire. They just go on hiatus. The urge to kill is always there bubbling below..

Shattered Bones thumbnail
Shattered Bones eAudiobook
Kate Bendelow / Annabelle Indge Available 6th February 2023

SOCO Maya Barton is called to a canal where a heavily decomposed male body has been discovered. A ba..

Gallery of the Dead thumbnail
Gallery of the Dead eAudiobook
Chris Carter / Thomas Judd Available 14th February 2023

'Thirty-seven years in the force and if I was allowed to choose just one thing to erase from my mind..

Witch Hunt/The Whisper Man thumbnail
Witch Hunt/The Whisper Man eAudiobook
Stephen Leather / Paul Thornley Available 6th February 2023

Witch Hunt: When a serial killer starts killing victims using Witchfinder methods of execution Night..

Dead Lions thumbnail
Dead Lions eAudiobook
Mick Herron / Seán Barrett Available 6th February 2023

London’s Slough House is where disgraced MI5 spies go to while away what’s left of their washed-..

Skin thumbnail
Skin eAudiobook
Mo Hayder / Andrew Wincott

When the decomposed body of a woman is found by railway tracks outside Bristol all indications are t..