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Sarah's Choice thumbnail
Sarah's Choice eAudiobook
Rosie Clarke / Lucy Scott

Hampshire 1913 Amidst the glitz and glamour of England's High Society Sarah Trenwith is more of a wa..

Can't Take My Eyes Off You thumbnail
Can't Take My Eyes Off You eAudiobook
Aimee Brown / Patrick Boylan Georgina Sadler

Berkley Kaine was lucky enough to meet her perfect man at a young age. Blissfully in love she's abou..

Hawthorn Close thumbnail
Hawthorn Close eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Julia Barrie

In the peaceful Wiltshire valley of Essington St Mary architect Corin Drayton stumbles upon a ghastl..

Broken Ground thumbnail
Broken Ground eAudiobook
Val McDermid / Cathleen McCarron

The fifth thrilling novel in the DCI Karen Pirie series.'Somebody has been here before us. And he's ..

Berserker! thumbnail
Berserker! eAudiobook
Adrian Edmondson / Adrian Edmondson

Hilariously read by the author Adrian Edmondson.A Financial Times Best Audio of 2023The instant Sund..

A Body in the Borderlands thumbnail
A Body in the Borderlands eAudiobook
Helen Cox / Colleen Prendergast

Former investment banker Johan Golding - Joe - is the newest member of the Hartley and Edwards Inves..

The Night House thumbnail
The Night House eAudiobook
Jo Nesbo / Edward Bourne

WHEN THE VOICES CALL DON'T ANSWER..._x000D_In the wake of his parents' tragic deaths fourteen-year-o..

Dreams of the Cottage by the Sea thumbnail
Dreams of the Cottage by the Sea eAudiobook
Rebecca Alexander / Penelope Freeman Laura Kirman

When Nicole finds herself in need of a new start she instantly thinks of Morwen Island the beautiful..

The Doctor thumbnail
The Doctor eAudiobook
John Nicholl / Jake Urry

Be careful who you trust. The Mailer family are oblivious to the terrible danger that enters their l..

The Girl in the Water thumbnail
The Girl in the Water eAudiobook
J A Baker / Melanie Crawley

Phoebe and her disabled husband Martyn move into a new house in a village on the edge of County Durh..

Midnight at the Christmas Bookshop thumbnail
Midnight at the Christmas Bookshop eAudiobook
Jenny Colgan / Eilidh Beaton

Carmen is at a loose end. Her gorgeous bookshop is the filming site of a cheesy Christmas movie she'..

How to be a Victorian thumbnail
How to be a Victorian eAudiobook
Ruth Goodman / Patience Tomlinson

Ruth Goodman believes in getting her hands dirty. Drawing on her own adventures living in re-created..

The Running Grave thumbnail
The Running Grave eAudiobook
Robert Galbraith / Robert Glenister

Private Detective Cormoran Strike is contacted by a worried father whose son Will has gone to join a..

The Boat House thumbnail
The Boat House eAudiobook
Keri Beevis / Shakira Shute

A dark secret. A deadly obsession. No place to hide. Max Hunter my boyfriend booked the beautiful bo..

Love and Duty at Blackberry Farm thumbnail
Love and Duty at Blackberry Farm eAudiobook
Rosie Clarke / Claire Morgan

As the men fight and the war rages there are some new arrivals on the farm. . . Cambridgeshire - 194..