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The Retreat

J A Baker / Dawn Murphy
Chamber Cottage holds many dark secrets. . . Struggling to overcome their marital problems Alec and Peggy hoped their new life at Chamber Cottage would be the retreat they both needed to recover. Both damaged by issues from their childhoods they are trying to get on with their lives as best they can but they can't help feeling that they are being watched. . . Peggy already paranoid because of the terrible scars that mark her face becomes even more agoraphobic and retreat further into the stone walls of the cottage hoping it will keep her safe. Then Peggy discovers that her estranged mother is stalking her and Alec claiming she has a dark secret that is putting Peggy's life in danger. And now Peggy doesn't know who to trust. . . What caused the scars on Peggy's face? Is Alec really the monster Peggy's mother believes him to be? And what secrets does Chamber Cottage hold?

  • Published by Boldwood
  • Fiction/Non-FictionFiction
  • Genre Thriller
  • Target Audience Adult
  • Released 27th June 2023
  • Duration 10 Hrs. 10 Mins.
  • ISBN 9781805491873